Customised Saddle


Sartorial Excellence

All saddles of the E-Carbon, Platinum and Theoreme lines can be personalised to respond to the need for rider comfort as weel as respecting the horse’s morphology.

Selleria Equipe is therefore able to satisfy particular needs relative to the opening of the saddle tree, shape of the saddle panels, dimension of flaps and the choice of knee-rolls.

Personalize your saddle

Equipe saddles are personalize by craftsman and they can be personalize* on the base of necessity of each rider and horse.

icon-hand-selleria-equipe  Seat-size: from 14.5 pony to 18, depending on disciplin and model.

icon-hand-selleria-equipe  Withers opening

icon-hand-selleria-equipe  Size/forward of flap: we can intervene in lenght or it can moves forward, always depending on model and disciplin

icon-hand-selleria-equipe  Knee rolls: a wide disponibility of modification

icon-hand-selleria-equipe  A panel compensation

icon-hand-selleria-equipe  A billets position

*Depending on Linee, personalization request it can be include or can not be include in the price.

Respect of the horse’s anatomy

Selleria Equipe saddles are designed to ensure that the rider’s weight gets evenly distributed on the horse. It is important to emphasise that, once a saddle has been purchased, should the need arise for it to be adapted to suit the build of a new or different horse, Selleria Equipe can in any case modify the opening of the saddle tree and change the saddle panel, offering the client the advantage of an extended use of its own saddle, despite the changed requirements.

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