An italian story

Selleria Equipe brand represents quality craftsmanship and attention to the detail, all these characteristics makes it a manufacturing excellence in Italy and worldwide. Each saddle is manufactured to satisfy the demands of both the rider and the horse in each equestrian discipline

Each saddle turned out at the Selleria Equipe permises- in themselves an avant-garde architectural landmark – is manufactured with meticulous care to satisfy sporting demands show jumping or dressage, in eventing or endurance riding. All in the name of an endless passion, supreme technique and debonair elegance.

Selleria Equipe combines its vocation for craftsmanship with a dynamic inventive spirit,conferring the role of precursor of innovative applicative solutions on the company. Modern techniques enhance the craftsmanship to satisfy the need for personalisation, while investments into research pursue the objective of using new materials and shapes.

Several important sport results have arrived to celebrate the success of Equipe saddles in the world: from the World and European Championships to the last Olympics in London, most of the riders in the podium were riding saddles made by Selleria Equipe

Real ambassadors of the Made in Italy, Equipe saddles are jewels of the Italian craftmanship excellence.

A progressive architectural structure of 4,500 square metres which encompasses productive facilities, offices and the show room, with ample high level parking which favours a completely green area surrounding the premises. The utilisation of natural materials such as wood and leather testifies to Selleria Equipe’s environmental sensitivity, making them ideal complements for luminous, healthy and welcoming ambiances.