Check out our FAQ about Equipe saddles and accessories depending on argument

Who can i turn to repair my saddle?

You can ask any Selleria Equipe distributor. You can check the list on our website “sales network”.

Should the saddle be checked periodically?

To ensure one’s own personal safety, it is suggested that the straps are periodically checked and if necessary replaced.

Does a specific product exist to clean saddles and accessories?

Selleria Equipe has created a special range of cleaning products for all needs:

  • Soft Clean
  • Soft Care
  • Grease

The specific detergent and moisturising substances are to be preferably applied with a lambskin glove or alternatively with a soft cloth.
All these products are designed and specifically prepared for the care of the natural hides and leather used in the manufacturing process of our saddles.
It’s very important to carry out the treatment regularly, including greasing for leather nourishment.

How can I understand if my saddle fits well on my horse?

The first thing you have to ensure is that the arch of the tree don’t touch the withers.
Then you should checked that between the withers and the opening of the saddle there is the space for 4 fingers (approx. 7cm)
Passing the hand under the tree will be meeting a suitable resistance. If the hand passes too easily, the saddle is too large. If the hand passes with difficulty or doesn’t pass at all, the saddle is too tight.
As far as the horse’s back is concerned, the kidneys must be absolutely free.
The last step is putting the hand under the saddle (under the arch of the tree) where you have to try to figure out if the support of the panels creates an uniform and moderate pressure on every part of the back, where the saddle sits.

If it becomes necessary can we modify an Equipe saddle?

Naturally, it depends from the model and typology of the saddle. Therefore, you can fill out the form on our website in the section “contact us”.

Where can I find the serial number and the production year of my saddle?

The saddle’s serial number is printed under the left flap.
For a correct interpretation you can always ask any Selleria Equipe reseller.

Why does every saddle have a serial number?

The saddle’s serial number can help recover the technical information.

How can I understand the size/ measure which suits better for the purchase of an Equipe saddle?

First thing when you are sitting on the saddle you must have the end of the knee in the flaps and close to the knee-roll.
Then it’s necessary to sit well in the saddle, with four fingers fitting easily behind the rider’s lower back.
For more info you can ask to our authorized distributors.

How can I take the measure of my horse?

For this request you can ask our distributors.
To find a distributor near you, check the list on our website “sales network” section.
It’s difficult to take measures of your own horse without an expert.

Which parts of the saddle can personalised?

All saddles of the E-Carbon, Platinum and Theoreme lines can be personalised to match the rider’s need and the horse’s morphology.
Selleria Equipe is therefore able to satisfy all needs relative to the saddle tree opening, saddle panel shapes, flap sizes and knee roll selections.
It’s important to emphasise that this customisation can be achieved even after the saddle has been purchased.
Some models offer an inclueded service.

Does Selleria Equipe sell directly to the public?

The company sells only through its distributors.
You can ask Equipe to advise you who the nearest distributor is or you can check the list on our website “sales network”.

Would I be able to receive an Equipe catalogue?

Where I can find the prices of your saddles and accessories?

You can ask your distributor or check the list on our website “sales network” to find the nearest distributor.

Do you also sell clothes?

Clothes is not our core business, but on our website you can find a limited edition of textile products.

Who can I ask for information about saddles and accessories?

You can ask our distributor also checking their contact information our website “sales network

Where are Equipe saddles made?

Equipe saddles are completely “Made in Italy”.
They are completely manufactured in the company factory in Valdagno, Vicenza province.

What can I do if I've got a damaged accessory? Is it covered by warranty? Who can I ask for any repair/substitution?

If the accessory results as damaged and/or defective, please pack it back up and return it as soon as possible to the retailer nearest you or where the accessory was bought.

How long do accessories stand under warranty?

The accessories’ warranty is extended to 2 years after the date of purchase (on the components, for defects of raw material or due to wrong manufacturing).
The guarantee claims will be covered only in the presence of proof of purchase (invoice or bill), penalty will be not valid.

How long does the warranty serve the saddles?

Warranties depend on the line of the saddle.
For the Platinum line (wooden tree) the warranty is extended to 5 years after the date of purchase against the lack of manufacturing.
For the carbon and plastic saddle the warranty is for life but after 5 years from the date of purchase of the saddle the labor will be charged for possible repairs.
The components of the saddle in leather and leather have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase of the saddle due to defects in raw materials or due to erroneous manufacturing (does not cover the wear and tear of the material).

Who can I ask for sponsorship?

For this request you can fill out the form in the “contact” section.

I'd like to become an Equipe dealer. Who can I ask for this?

For this request you can fill out the form in the “contact” section.