General conditions for the “Stolen Saddles” service

General conditions of use for the “Stolen Saddles” service.

  1. Access to the list of “Stolen Saddles” (hereinafter referred to as “the List”) published on the Selleria Equipe website is free and at no cost, and is solely conditioned by the visitor’s reading and accepting these general conditions.
  2. Consulting the List is allowed only for legal purposes and not for profit.
  3. Selleria Equipe srl is not bound under any circumstances to communicate to third parties the data associated with each saddle on this List, excepting when expressly authorised by the interested party requesting the relevant publication, or when required to do so in compliance with the law.
  4. Anyone having experienced the theft of a saddle can ask Selleria Equipe srl to publish the relevant data on the List, by means of a formal request on the form made available in the “Stolen Saddles” section; this service is likewise free of charge.
  5. Each section on the request form specified at point 4) will have to be filled-in, failing which it will not be taken into consideration; in any case, the decision as to whether the data provided by the user should be published or not, is entirely at the discretion of Selleria Equipe srl.
  6. The user guarantees the veracity and correctness of the data supplied with the request for publication on the List, and commits himself to notifying Selleria Equipe srl of any possible changes to the data.
  7. In particular, should the saddle whose theft was reported get recovered, the user must immediately notify Selleria Equipe srl, via e-mail, so that the List can be updated.
  8. The user will at any time be able to request, via e-mail, that the saddle whose theft was reported, be removed from the List.
  9. The data elements that get published are solely the model, serial number, manufacturer, date and place of theft.
  10. Selleria Equipe srl does not carry out any significant check, directly or indirectly, as to the veracity of the data provided by the users; the service regulated by these general conditions is offered without any type of guarantee, either explicit or implicit, by Selleria Equipe srl.

The users acknowledge that Selleria Equipe srl will not in any way be held responsible for any damage of any nature whatsoever deriving from the use of the service regulated by these general conditions and/or from its interruption.

In particular, Selleria Equipe srl assumes no responsibility whatsoever as regards the content of the data supplied by the user and published on the List.

  1. Each user commits himself to holding Selleria Equipe srl free and indemnified from any possible obligation to compensation and/or adverse claim that could originate against Selleria Equipe srl as a result of the data provided by the user himself being published.
  2. Should Selleria Equipe srl ascertain or even just suspect non-observance of these general Conditions by the user, as well as violations of the applicable legislation, it will be entitled to remove the data provided by the user from the List, at the unquestionable discretion of Selleria Equipe srl.