Lines Equipe

Line E-carbon

Tradition meets innovation:

From a combination between the spirit of craftsmanship and Selleria Equipe’s vocation for innovation, is born the E-Carbon line of saddles, an example of the supreme excellence of Italian craft and veritable gem in cutting-edge technology. The core of E-Carbon saddles is the laminar saddle tree in carbon and three-composite fibres, which ensure their excellent technical performance and which can be personalised in shape and thickness, as well as being equipped with the extremely effective D.S.B (Damping System EQ Bridge) shock-absorbing system.

Machined with special high-tech equipment that defines its lines, the saddle tree can boast a truly supreme manufacturing precision. Furthermore, carbon is a material well know for the advantages it affords in constructive precision, lightness and sturdiness.

These are mechanical performances that are further enhanced by diversification in the material composition of the saddle tree in its two front and rear sections to comply with the two respective requisites of rigidness and flexibility, and by the innovative shock-absorbing system that improves comfort and performance, to the benefit of that very special “tuning” between horse and rider.


Sophisticated elegance for maximum comfort.

Tradition, extreme care for detail, a passion for beauty, a precise selection of top-class Italian and French hides and leather, are all merged to elegantly “dress” the saddle tree in beechwood.

Crafted in multi-layers and shaped through a steam process, the saddle tree is reinforced with special steel to guardantee its strenght and elasticity, according to the more traditional canons of great equestrian saddlery.

Platinum saddles are designed to allow riders at all levels to perform in full respect of their mount’s well-being, while being assured of maximum precision in their posture.

Equipe saddles are designed to suit the many different equestrian disciplines, from show jumping and dressage to eventing and endurance riding. What they have in common is manufacturing precision, which promotes the wellbeing and sense of connection between horse and rider.

Equipe offers a complete, exhaustive range of saddles as can be seen from the variety of saddle trees available in the different lines. Based on their technical and sporting requirements, riders can choose between saddles featuring either the revolutionary carbon-fibre tree, a traditional wooden tree or a tree made from innovative synthetic material.

Line Theoreme

Style at the service of well-being.

An emblem of self-confident elegance.

Theoreme saddles are made in cow hide and personalizable and are equipped with saddle tree in synthetic material which favours the seating of the rider, adapting itself perfectly to the structure of the horse.

Line Emporio

Elegant essentiality for any need.

The Emporio line comprises standard saddles, made in cow hide with an tree in synthetic material.

An essential aesthetical line, subordinated to extreme technical functionality, oriented to satisfy any need of the horse and rider.