“CLASSIC SOFT” girth in hide with nylon and single-stretch reinforcement. Roller stainless steel buckles

Girth Size

100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160


Black, brown, New Market, Red Brown





How can one take care of an Equipe saddle to ensure that it retains its characteristics through time?

For the care and cleaning of Equipe saddles, very specific products have been studied and created:


Can a saddle be modified to suit a different horse?

It depends on the model and type of changes needed. You can contact us describing the required change and including the saddle’s serial number..

Which parts of the saddle can be personalised?

All saddles of the E-Carbon, Platinum and Theoreme lines can be personalised to match the rider’s stance and the horse’s build.

Selleria Equipe is therefore able to satisfy all needs relative to the saddle tree opening, saddle panel shapes, flap sizes and knee roll selections.

It is important to emphasise that this customisation can be carried out even after the saddle purchase, but that in certain models, would be chargeable.

Where do I find the saddle’s serial number?

The saddle’s serial number is printed under the left sweat flap.

Why does every saddle have a serial number?

The saddle’s serial number allows retrieval of technical information on the saddle itself (model, opening, flap, etc.), the date of manufacture and whether the saddle was ever returned to be modified or repaired.

Does Selleria Equipe sell directly to the public?

The company sells to the public only through its distribution network: shops and saddle fitters.


Would I be able to receive an Equipe catalogue?

Where are Equipe saddles made?

Equipe saddles are completely “Made in Italy”: they are manufactured totally at the Company factory in Valdagno, Vicenza province.

To create their veritable jewels of supreme craftsmanship, Selleria Equipe draws from the traditional canons of supreme handcrafting. Every Equipe saddle is the fruit of dedicated and expert hands that with masterly skill, work, model and sew, tailoring the raw materials, complying with all personalising needs.