Safety Stirrups- Staf15

Equipe safety stirrup

The Selleria Equipe’s safety stirrup stands out for its aesthetic lightness and simplicity of release that combine with the safety mobile parts, easily restorable after having been released. This accessory is complete with a black tread equipped with holes and grip finish and a special scratch-proof treatment

There are 11 colors to choose from to be combined with the metal arch, available in dark titanium finishes, light titanium, black and bronze. From the bright shades of red, to those of green and pastel blue, passing through the rigor of black and gray, many are the different possibilities of customization of this stirrup.

The desire for color is therefore granted: you can now choose your favorite shade to match one of the four metal finishes and coordinate your safety stirrup Staf15 with your saddle details and pad, for a very glamorous touch!

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