Laura Collett

Laura Collett

Laura Collett

Date and place of birth
31/08/1989 – Lambourn, England.

“Trust in yourself.”

cavallo-testimonial-selleria-equipe   Horses: London 52, Calmaro, Mr Bass, Sir Papillon, Pamero 4, Nankin W, Allora 3, Noble Bestman, London 52, Billy Bounce, Dacapo

vincite-testimonial-selleria-equipeGreatest results: 

Winner in the CCI4*-S ERM in Chatsworth with London 52
2° Place in the CCI4*-S in Arville with Billy Bounce
2° Place in the CCI4*-S in Bramham with  Dacapo

2° Place in the CIC3* ERM in Arville with London 52
Winner in the CCIYH1* in Tattersalls with Calmaro

Winner in the CIC3* in Alnwick-Burgham with Mr Brass
Winner in the CIC3* in Balindenisk with Mr Brass

3° Place in the CICYH1* with Sir Papillon in Osberton
3° Place in the CICYH1* in Mistreet with Sir Pappilon

Winner in Le Lion d’Angers with Mr Brass in the CH-M-YH-CCI2*
3° Place in Le Pin su Haras in the CIC3* with Pamero 4

3° Place in Le Lion d’Angers in the CH-M-YH-CCI2* with Pamero 4
Winner in Cappoquin in the CICYH1* with Mr Brass

2° Place in the CIC1* in Aldon with Nankin W

3° Place in the CCI2* in Hartpury with Allora 3
2° Place in the CCIU253* in Bramham with Noble Bestman