Warranty Condition


Purpose and duration

 Selleria Equipe spa guarantees:

– the product (including the hide) for a period of 2 years;

– the wooden saddle tree, for a period of 5 years;

– the carbon saddle tree and the one in synthetic material for life, but with the proviso that after 5 years, shipping and labour expenses are exclusively for the Client’s account.

In all cases the duration term of the warranty starts from the date of purchase.

Under no circumstances will Selleria Equipe srl assume responsibility for any flaws or damage resulting from accidents, atypical use of the product, or that could be ascribable to negligence, carelessness or malice on the part of the Client in using it and/or in its maintenance, including the use of unsuitable cleaning products, or should the saddle have been subjected to change, tampering or interventions carried out by the Client or by third parties without authorisation from Selleria Equipe srl.

Parts subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by warranty.


 The Client must activate the warranty by completing the specific on-line form found on the website of Selleria Equipe spa (www.selleriaequipe.it), following the instructions provided therein.

No other than the above forms of warranty activation will be considered valid.

Conditions of use

All enquiries inherent to this warranty must be made to Selleria Equipe spa by the Client through an authorised distributor, with the saddle’s purchase document being displayed.

If necessary, depending on the defect claimed, Selleria Equipe spa reserves the right to request that the product to which the claim refers be delivered to them for assessment of the warranty’s applicability. The Client will be responsible for the handling and expenses involved.

Personalising your E-Carbon and Platinum saddle.

On-line activation of the Warranty will entitle you to receive a brass tag engraved with your name. A valuable gift from Selleria Equipe, to personalise your E-Carbon and Platinum line saddle, making it unique.


Hides and leathers used by Selleria Equipe are predominantly calfskin, processed and treated to safeguard the natural properties of the product. Consequently, minute scratches, scars or imperfections found on the saddle are a guarantee of the product’s authenticity and are in no way to be considered a defect in the product. The soft, resilient hide is the result of an extremely slow vegetal tanning. Only exclusively produced Italian or French skins and hides are used by Selleria Equipe.

For their very nature, hides are susceptible to a number of external factors such as:

  • high or low temperatures
  • excessive damp
  • dry climate
  • sunlight


Exposing the saddle to these factors can cause the hide to age precociously, with the loss of its aesthetic qualities.

To lengthen the life of the saddle and defend it from these natural factors, we would advise the use of Equipe’s specific products to regularly clean and moisturize the hide, enabling it to preserve its characteristic softness and elasticity through time.

Especially for its clients, Selleria Equipe has created:

  • Soft Clean Detergent, for a thorough but delicate cleansing. Contains no moisturizing substances, so it can be used with Soft Oil.
  • Soft Oil, an oil that can be used for moisturising the whole saddle. Can be used on its own or with Soft Clean.
  • Soft Grease, an intensely moisturising grease which is also water-repellent. Compared with Soft Oil, it needs more time to be absorbed.
  • Soft Care, is a detergent complete with moisturising formula. Ideal for daily use or for a quick cleaning during competitions.

These products have been researched and created specifically to treat the natural hides used by our firm.